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Between Attica and the northeast shores of Peloponnese lies the beautiful, small island complex of the Argosaronic bay: the islands of Aghistri, Aegina, Poros, Salamina, Spetses, Hydra and the peninsula of Methana. On board Sofiani we will circle these islands and marvel at the characteristic Mediterranean vegetation, enjoy a cooling swim at the crystal-clear waters and wonder beautiful traditional towns and villages with a very particular architectural tradition. The ancient monuments seem to rise from an ancient tale of myths and gods. This is the perfect destination for a short or long holiday, the choice is yours!

Each island has something different to offer: Hydra is the classiest of all, a cosmopolitan destination with its unique buildings and long maritime tradition. Salamina, the renowned sea-battle theatre, Methana, the picturesque peninsula with its hot springs. The island of Spetses, the famous birthplace of Bouboulina, a Greek revolution hero, combines sheer Aegean scenery with nobility. Aegina, the island with the endless sandy beaches and the famous Saint Nektarios temple. For the ones that prefer the peace and quiet of a small, untouched island there is Aghistri, the green and tranquil islet. Lat but certainly not least, there is Poros with its dense yet traditional capital and the breathtaking Lemon tree forest that gives out beautiful scents of fresh lemon overlooking the land of Argolis.

7 days routes

Argosaronikos One

  1. Alimos Marina to Aegina, 20 ΝΜ
  2. Aegina to Hydra, 30 ΝΜ
  3. Hydra to Spetses, 13 ΝΜ
  4. Spetses to Poros, 27 ΝΜ
  5. Poros to Aegina, 14 ΝΜ
  6. Aegina to Alimos Marina, 20 ΝΜ

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