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Daily Cruises

A day-full of experiences

The endless blue and the bright Greek sunlight create an ambiance of harmony, peace and tranquility for resting and pleasure. The deck is spacious enough for plenty of lazy sunbathing and many seats.


Excursion to the islet of Dhia

Excursion to the islet of DhiaWe depart from the port of Heraklion around 14:00 to the haven of Dhia isle and come back at around 20:00 on the same day. This is a relaxing 6-hour excursion with your yacht “Sofiani” during which you will enjoy the experience of a mini-cruise to one of the shortest yet most breathtaking destinations one can have with a small vessel. You will enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters of the Sea of Crete on the way there, savour fresh local fruit and drink cocktails while being mesmerized by the summer sunset on the way back.


1-day excursion to the islet of Dhia

1-day excursion to the islet of DhiaIt’s only 6 nautical miles between Heraklion and the small, rocky islet of Dhia to the north of the coast. The excursion starts at 10:00 and finishes at 20:00. This is a day-long escape to the islet that took its name from the superior greek god of antiquity, “Dhias” (“Zeus” in Latin). For those of you that will choose this excursion, be prepared for an unforgettable experience as you become one with the calm, summery elements of the sea and breeze, at the bow of your vessel “Sofiani”. When you reach the islet and drop anchor, the crystal clear waters of the small bays of the Dhia await you. For the more adventurous you can explore the inner parts of the islet. When you come back, a feast of local foods will be there for your lunch. During our return you will enjoy an afternoon coffee while relaxing after this memorable day.


1-day excursion to Aghia Pelaghia

1-day excursion to Aghia PelaghiaWe will depart at 10:00 for one the most sought-after near-coast sailing destinations of north Crete and come back at around 20:00. The view is spectacular, rugged cliffs and typical Mediterranean scenery for you to enjoy even more by taking your swim in the clear waters of the Aghia Pelaghia after you experienced the beauty of the beaches of Palaikastron and Lygharia on the way there. Fine local foods and drinks will wrap this memorable day.

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