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The Yacht

Sun Odyssey 45 was designed by Philippe Briand and the Jeanneau design team.

This boat has roots in the charter industry and in the European market, but this 2008 45 carries an updated configuration and some attractive features.

It is a performance cruiser with an emphasis on stylish, hassle-free and comfortable cruising with a few people—or even a bunch of people—aboard.

Sleek and visually appealing does not mean that space is tight. The Sun Odyssey 45 is all that, and it can carry a crowd.

Jeanneau has been producing commercially successful boats for nearly 50 years and fiberglass sailboats since 1970. Thousands of Jeanneaus sail the world as charter boats, privately owned cruisers, passagemakers and racer-cruisers.

The experience gleaned from producing thousands of hulls is evident in the Sun Odyssey 45.

It is a well-thought-out, purposeful boat.



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